News From Cambodia

Currently we have a youth team in Cambodia led by Jonathan Maxwell. Other members of the team are Jordan Brown, Alex Crossley and Nathanael Patson. Here is some news from Jonathan.

The team here is excellent, today we had our first training day in Kampong Thom. We went out for dinner last night with some key pastors from this province. Meng Aun organised to get them together and challenged them about Unity and meeting together. They all seemed inspired by this and are already planning to meet regularly. Meng Aun has a great way of rallying these pastors together, he has great honour and respect here. He is quite clear that this has come because of his relationship with you and the spiritual dynamic of sonship.

We met for the meeting today in the church of the man who is sitting beside Meng Aun in the first photo is Kung Supal. There was a pretty good attendance. We did three sessions on Sonship, Forgiveness & Honour then we prayed for all the people, one by one asking them what their needs were and praying into them. I spoke as well as Jordan and Alex who contributed talks around these subjects also. I have a few people come up to me after saying that they had shifts in their heart and seemed to appreciate to hear the messages and would come to the other meetings in Kampong Cham if they had the money to get there. On the way home we dropped into see another pastor who was in the area and quite moved and wanting to be in relationship with Meng Aun, we prayed for his school children.

We then drove to Kampong Cham where we are now and we have another day of training in Pastor Hongs church tomorrow. We plan to spend Friday at the orphanage with the children then another day of training at Meng Aun’s church then Sunday with him and the Jesus School on Monday. We will also slip in house churches where ever we can.

While we were praying for our dear friends at the conference Jordan was quite moved by the Spirit, so much so that he felt deep compassion for the people we were praying for. He said he could feel their hurt and hart ache and it moved him to tears.

Meng Aun is a great man full of wisdom and has a great way with the people here.

It is amazing that what he has built over the years. He told us that he received a prophecy from Tony Ponicke when he first came to Australia. Tony said that he was a Lion in South East Asia. Meng said that at the time he didn’t feel anything like a lion but you can see how this has worked out with the great honour and wisdom he has.

We appreciate all the support and we are trying to imitate your faith in the work.

From the team


003-Kampong Thom Jonathan