John Alley’s message begins with two passages including one from Leviticus 19:26-37 which outlines part of the Old Testament Law. At that time, the world was full of pagans and demon worshippers. This passage is meant to warn the people of God not to do the things that pagans do. The Law, says John, is good and was an unspeakable blessing to Israel. The New Testament, then, builds on the Law and gives grace by which we are able to follow the ways of God. Our mission is to learn how to please God, and then to walk in it. This passage also specifically says that the people of God are not to mark their bodies with tattoos. And yet, in today’s Western culture it is becoming commonplace for people to have extensive tattoos – including some Christian believers. Tattoos, explains John, originated in pagan worship and tribal cultures. When the Gospel became strong, this practice became considerably less. However with the current trend in the West is a diminishing of the power of the Gospel, some practices previously cleaned out of Christian culture have resurfaced. This should not be. We have a better life, says John, and the way to show that is by living different lives and not by copying the world and its trends. No matter what the tattoo depicts, it is not a good witness to Christ. The excerpt played in this message is found here. What's Behind Tattoos is an except from the message Being Peculiar

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