What Nation Do You Belong To?


The Bible tells us in Galatians 3:28 that there is “no jew or greek” if we are in Christ. Additionally there is no male or female, slave or free either. The things that identify us as temporary residents in this world, are replaced by a new identify in Christ.

If you were going to ask the question, “what nation do I belong to?” You would have to consider that actually we belong to the kingdom of God. Our identity isn’t found in being Australian, Indonesian, or any type of Asian, Indian or African. Our identity is as children of God.

So easily we fall into the cultural habits and ways of thinking that we are used to from our upbringing. Yet scripture tells us to renew our mind, and to start thinking in a godly way, the way of Jesus.

Along with this we also have to remember that in Christ we are not baptist, presbyterian, catholic or pentecostal either. None of these denominational categories identify us in Christ.

When we are free from belonging to any of these worldly identities, we are able to be free from racism, sexism, xenophobia and other attitudes that target these identities. Instead we are now one with Christ. Along with that it means laying down our rights, and taking up Christ’s responsibilities, but also inheriting the blessings of heaven.

The truth is that we are giving up bars of lead that only serve to weigh us down, but are worth very little, and instead we are collecting a treasure that cannot be measured. We now belong to Christ, and to each other. He has made us to be a “nation of kings and priests” to serve our God. So we are a nation, and our purpose is to serve Him. And by serving each other, and loving each other, we are serving Him.

There is no bill of rights in the kingdom of God, but there is unlimited blessing in Christ for all who lay down their lives to find Him. Also being free of these identities, releases us from competition, especially between believers from various churches or congregations. Choosing to value a culture or denomination over that of others is pride, and it limits grace flowing to and through us. Instead choose to belong to Christ, because we do.

So what nation do you belong to? Choose to belong to Christ, and with that, belong to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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