When Will You Become Wise?

Beginning with Psalm 94:8, John Alley speaks about the difference between being wise and being a fool. The fool, says John, is the one who lives for self, becoming careless in their ways as they yield to their feelings and desires. John further explains that a fool is a person who is morally deficient. However, good values at gut level will produce fruit for God. Not merely faith, but also faithfulness is important in seeking to live in the righteous ways of God. John then goes on to give examples of Godly values as worked out in his own life and family. This message is one that will bring the listener to the place of examining the ways of their own heart and seeking God for the needed wisdom. John concludes the message with Hebrews 12:7, which exhorts the believer to endure hardship as discipline, and to live a disciplined life.

Sunday, 31st July, 2011

| Message ByJohn Alley