We always believe the Lord to do more with us, than before. We look with faith to Him, trusting to see more of Christ, and to find fellowship with Him, and with the saints that we belong to. Our lives constantly increase in joy as we know Him more, and love those around us more.

So join us in 2017 as we expectantly seek more of Christ.

We also want to serve Him better too, and this year we look with great excitement to the beginning of our online apostolic school. Initially just two units, but by the end of the year we hope we will have been able to make available up to 4 units for study online. These units will cover topics pertinent to apostolic reformation, sonship, community, and intercession. If all goes well, we would also like to unitize the city gate materials into our online school also. Please pray for us.

Of course if you are intersted in attending on of our apostolic schools, you can register an expression of interest at this page. Our online school is where the majority of our focus lies at present, but we will also be conducting apostolic schools in real world places this year in Asia, Africa and North America, and possibly Europe. Your expressions of interest will help us determine where to go. If you have any questions, please contact us regarding this.

In addition, we continue to travel and take the apostolic message to nations via conference and planned ministry. This year we will be in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and a number of Australian locations. We don't always publicise our ministry, but join our mailing list for updates that we may post along the way.

Jesus saved the best wine for last, and we believe that the infinite nature of our God allows Him to bless us in ways that always supercede the best He did before. That is of course why Heaven will be so wonderful. The Bible does describe "ever increasing glory" and we are grateful to God to be a part of His Kingdom.

Pray with us for a good year, and contact us if you would like to participate in anything we are blessed to be doing.