Even though English is the language of choice for many people, actually the majority of people in the world cannot speak English. Translation into other languages is crucial for us to get the apostolic message into key places. By the grace of God some doors are opening to us here too.

Below is the Title of one of John Alley’s books. Can you guess which language is what? The list of available languages is to the right.

Der Geist der Sohnschaft   English
El Espiritu de Hijo   Russian
The Spirit of Sonship   German
Дух сыновства   Greek
Semangat Keputraan   Spanish
Το πνεύμα της υγιεινής   Indonesian

Currently John Alley’s “The Spirit of Sonship” has been translated and is available in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Nepali and is currently being translated into German and Russian. Would you join us in prayer for ongoing translation of this book into other languages, most especially French, Arabic and Chinese. And pray for John’s other books to find translators willing to give of their heart and time.

If your people would be blessed having John’s books in your language, would you consider giving of your time and heart to making that happen?