Philip Alley begins his message with a statement – we need to understand spiritual things by spiritual means, looking through the obvious to the actual. So what is reality? Our ability, says Philip, to put together the physical and spiritual realms will determine the outcome of our lives and our faith. If we live in the tangible world alone, it cripples us spiritually. How then can we rest our values on something that is temporary and will not last? Philip then goes on to discuss Palm Sunday, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. The people thought that Jesus had come to set up a physical kingdom. He did set up a kingdom, but it was a spiritual one. Philip encourages the listeners to examine their own lives to determine whether there is fruit. Is the river of life flowing through us a individuals? So why are we here? Philip describes the original plan of God as seen in Genesis 1. We are designed and created to become the likeness of God in the world and to rule and reign over all creation. In the beginning, says Philip, man was an expression of the person and power of God. Then came the fall of man. After the fall, Jesus came as the perfect expression of the person and power of God. Not only did Jesus come, but He made the way open for each of us who believe to be saved and to realise the purpose of God for us.

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