The Apostolic Revelation, Reformation of the Church

There is an urgency about the message of this book. God is about to release into the earth a powerful increase of the apostolic and prophetic anointings, and restore the apostolic nature of the church itself. Every Christian needs to prayerfully consider the message of this book, and hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. Things are changing, and God is about to act again in history.

The Apostolic Revelation unveils a series of dynamic concepts that are crucial to the life of the church and the restoration of its apostolic power. It establishes benchmarks for the apostolic ministry, and gives definition and substance to the new apostolic wineskin of the church. Here is a revelation of apostolic methods, and God's heart for the church and it's leadership. In this study, today's apostolic message is harmonised with and grounded in the apostolic revelation of Christ given to Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles.

This work is the result of 13 years of inquiry, searching the mind of the Spirit regarding the place of apostles today, and seeking to understand what it means for the church to be the mature apostolic church prepared for the coming of Christ.

Apostolic grace is for every believer. This book seeks to equip you to receive a greater gace, and prepare you for the astounding days ahead.

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