It is very important, says John Alley, to hear the word of God and to take it into our souls. Beginning with Luke 11:27-28, John unpacks Scripture to counteract the attempt of our enemy to destroy Christian culture in Western civilization, part of which is the attack on the traditional family unit. John takes the listeners on a “tour” of Bible teaching on the subject of God’s plan for a man, a woman and children. It was not man who invented marriage, and neither can he redefine it. says John – it was God’s idea and His creation. Man can make laws, but those laws cannot change the natural order of things in the world. The basic family unit exists in every culture – because that is the natural order that Jesus put into place. John completes his message with an insightful quote by G K Chesterton, along with a recommendation of a book pertaining to the subject at hand.

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