In the lead-up to Christmas Philip Alley’s message focuses on Christmas, and especially looking at the well known story of the wise men, or Magi, who visited the Christ child. Philip poses several interesting questions before answering them from Scripture. How is the Magi know the child who was born would be King of the Jews? Why did they travel to Jerusalem to find out where He was? Philip gives an overview of who the Magi were and their status in the society of the day, before adding a possible thought on the reasn why they knew of the Christ child. Philip then goes on to delve deeper into the meaning of the three gifts brought to the Christ child and the way in which these gifts illustrated that the Magi knew that this child was a King and that He was God. In bringing Myrrh, a burial spice, they also seemed to know that He was going to suffer and die.Phiip continues his message with rich insights into the true meaning of Christmas and concludes with the statement that Christ is the greatest gift5 – the gift that we can’t do without! This message is moving in its sincerity and will touch the heart of every listener.

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