Should Christians be involved in politics? Is Christian truth meant to be obeyed by the nations? What is meant by the separation of Church and State? These are just some of the questions raised by John Alley as he begins this series of messages. John briefly discusses the proper meaning of the separation of Church and State before going on to affirm that Christian truth is very much meant to influence society as a whole. John goes on to give an intriguing account of the origins of the Magna Carta, of which we have all heard, giving the history behind the writing and the identity of the writer – the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton. At the time there were a total of ten Bishops advising the King of the time, King John. This and a great deal of history as written in the Old Testament gives a strong indication that there is meant to be a strong Christian influence in the worls today. John’s brief overview today will be continued in future messages.

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