War! and Build!

Beginning this message with a question – “How can a person become a gate through which demonic powers flow?” – John Alley takes the listener on a guided tour of Ephesians 6:11-17. John explains that it is the body of Christ, more than an individual, which must put on the armour of God. This armour consists of spiritual qualities that are meant to be in place.

John then answers his original question by giving a list of five errors which will open the way for the demonic powers. These include lifestyle issues, disunity, spiritual mixture, pride and doctrinal error. This list is followed by an examination of the account of Nehemiah’s building of the wall.

John closes the message by exhorting the listener to build, but all the while to keep our sword by our side, just as Nehemiah instructed the Israelites. John lists some important spiritual weapons including forgiveness, loving your enemies and blessing and not cursing. The one thing that counts, John says, is that the people pray.

Sunday, 23rd August, 2009

| Message ByJohn Alley