The Epiphany Sunday message brought today is a composite one with various speakers involved. John Alley begins the message, emphasising that Christians need to have a Bible worldview – a thinking faith that leads us to win the enemies of Christ so that they become friends of Christ. Philip Alley takes up the thread and answers the question, “How much has the Kingdom of God advanced?” Philip gives a comprehensive report of the progress of the Gospel in the nations, emphasising that even though human beings take a negative view of the state of the world, the world is in fact becoming a better place as the Gospel has impact in the nations. John then speaks of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar before introducing David Hood, who gives an account of what Peace as a church has done in response to the call to missions. John then introduces David Alley, who speaks of what is yet to be done. John concludes the message with encouragement for every believer to believe the Scriptures, to accept responsibility to bear fruit, praying every day, and to adopt a nation which the individual will commit to pray for every day for the rest of their lives.

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