John Alley’s message once again follows the thread of messages on the subject of prayer. John gives a brief overview of the previous messages this year, which have been about prayer, with different emphases each time. John calls a “panel’ from the congregation, and then poses several questions around the nature of prayer that is required for various dire situations. Continuing to pray desperately when we cannot find God, says John, is in fact wrestling with god. And just as Jacob came out of his night of wrestling with God a changed man, so we too will be changed when we engage God in this manner. John speaks of the need to stick with it, no matter how weary we become or how repetitious it seems, as well as of the need to have the support of others in prayer when we are unable to stand alone. There is a spiritual maturity that we can grow into, says John, where we are able to be in the Spirit at all times. John brings his message to a conclusion by discussing the nature of vehement prayer – that ardent, fervent and passionate prayer that is the very opposite of moderate, lukewarm, half-hearted prayer. This, says John, is the Bible picture of how we should pray.

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