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David Alley is the oldest son of John Alley. David is married to Marie and they have 7 children. David has been in ministry as a pastor since the age of 19. David is called into apostolic ministry. He is the webmaster for the Peace website and is also a web developer, musician and scuba diver. David was a pioneer in using online advertising to bring people to Christ on the internet.

Ministry Experience

From 19 David pastored his own church in Mt Morgan from Australia Day 1997 until 2010. David has built a number of ministry websites and has led several thousand people to Christ on the internet. David has written a number of articles and short books promoting evangelism and mission. David is currently Personal Assistant to John Alley and youth pastor at Peace Australia. In addition to preaching weekly at youth services, David leads teams of young people to various places to share the gospel and to grow ministry gifts in them.

Countries Ministered In
Australia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, India, United States, Uganda, Kenya, UAE and Haiti.
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