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Michael Appleton is a long standing minister and servant of the Lord at Peace Apostolic Community since the early 1990's. Michael is married to Debbie and they have 10 children. Michael is Principal of Central Queensland Christian College in addition to his large role in mission for Peace. Michael is a great young leader and a terrific role model to the students at his school.

Ministry Experience

Michael is a man committed to prayer and intercession and has preached in many nations instructing about apostolic truth and values. God has used Michael to change the hearts and live of pastors and the course of churches. Michael is a spiritual son to John Alley and has served tirelessly in preaching, teaching, mission, church administration and in Christian Education

Countries Ministered In
Michael has ministered in Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, the Philippines and Haiti.
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