Urgent Need - African Apostolic Schools

We need your help Immediately! - We must purchase tickets this week.
In July we have 2 apostolic schools in Africa - Kenya first, then Uganda.
However trips to Africa are very expensive, and though we have some funds towards this trip, there is still a large shortfall. The shortfall is $7440.

Please help if you can. Trips to many parts of the World are covered by the host nation, but trips to Africa have always been something we have done as a gift to the Body of Christ and the Kingdom. Your help will help us to be the ministers of Christ in the nations.
We need the funds this week as time is running out and the matter is becoming urgent.
You can give with paypal or a credit card (both) using the Paypal Donate button below. If you wish to transfer money, please deposit into our Account at:
Bank Account: Peace Apostolic Ministries
Bank: ANZ Bank
BSB: 014673
Account: 493562406

We really appreciate your help. May the Lord grant you much grace.