John Alley begins this message with the interpretation of a dream in which he found a tool abandoned by workers. John presents 2 Cor 6:7, which speaks of the believer having weapons in the right hand and the left, and explains that the tool is akin to a weapon, one that the people of God have neglected for some time. This tool is the power of a strong, constant, day and night, devil-be-damned confession of the Word of God that brooks no other opinion as it applies to a given situation. John quotes Jeremiah 23:29 where the Word of God is likened to a hammer which breaks rocks into pieces, and also Phil 4:6 which speaks of not being anxious, but by prayer and petition presenting our requests to God. John provides a practical demonstration of the way in which our words of confession, along with the promises of God, are able to break asunder any obstacle or problem, as well as giving a current example of the dramatic effect of putting this principle into action and seeing the desired sale of a building come very quickly. John also speaks of the way in which the enemy of our souls looks for a weakness in us and seeks to break into our lives in the same way that we are able to break apart obstacles by the confession of the Word of God. John exhorts to be persistent and to never give up, all the while declaring aloud the Word of God into the situation we face. We must, says John, not be anxious, but present our petitions to God, set our hearts to believe and then confess the Word of God unceasingly until we see the answer to our prayers.

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