The Unconditional Love of God

Michael Appleton brings today's message, focusing on the unconditional love of God. By its very nature, says Michael, unconditional love has no strings attached and no requirements to be met. The love that God gives so freely does not change. We do not need to measure up we are loved by the Father, no matter what. His love is undeterred even when we go astray Gods love continues towards us. As we reflect on Gods love, and know that love in a deeper way, says Michael, we are filled with the love of God and become Gods love in a greater way than ever before. Then we can show that love to others. Michael concludes the message with a caution that we should not take this love for granted and assume that everything is fine no matter what we do or how we live. Gods love is constant, but it does not remove the need for a repentant life.

| Message ByMichael Appleton