Currently Peace Apostolic Ministries is ministering in Uganda. Lloyd Gill sends an update.

On Tuesday last week we travelled to Masindi, and the next day was involved in a workshop on education, speaking on Fathering and Sonship. I spoke regarding blessing and generational blessing, finished with prayers to release blessing. Also I was able to speak to a group of about 20 pastors from various areas.

On Sunday spoke at two meetings at pastor Jackson's church, he has a church in a slum area surrounded by drinking huts where people go and sit around a pot of grain based alcohol which they drink through a long straw. A number of the ladies in his church used to run these huts, after they were saved he worked with them to help them find another form of income. He is a big-hearted man and as soon as you walk into his church it is clear that there is a sweet presence of God.

The girl (in the photo) right next to me is Blessed, she is the most friendly little girl you would like to meet, she is the daughter of Kenneth and Grace, whose son Shadrach I had the pleasure of dedicating today. He was one of two twins, the other died and he was quite sick and on oxygen, the story is amazing.

After church went and had a wonderful afternoon with pastor Jackson and some of his leaders. Then had 15 minutes of fame on a radio programme on Sunday night.

Masindi has been productive and very enjoyable. Monday we travelled to Hoima, where we went directly to a meeting of 20 or 30 pastors just up the road from where Pastor Simon (host for the ministry) grew up. Spoke there twice on Monday, and three times on Tuesday. This group of Pastors were as receptive and hungry as anywhere I have ever been.

I have meetings for the rest of the week in other places, I believe that going to these small places and teaching groups of pastors is very important, the truth is that many of these men and women would struggle to ever get to a series of meetings in a bigger centre.

Thank you all for your love and prayers, they are a blessing to me and critical if I am to achieve all that I am meant to.