Thoughts On Sonship

David Hood opens his message with a statement - Salvation is not an event, but a journey that we live every day. The goal of Christianity is to become like Christ in every way. David brings many Scripture verses to illustrate that we are meant to be like Jesus in attitude, in actions and in our thoughts. And the way that God has revealed Himself to us is in a father/son relationship. In this message, rich with Scripture content, David outlines some 6 areas in which sons are to relate to fathers, and the benefits that fulfilling these requirements (outlined in Scripture) bring to the life of a son. David also describes the obstacles to sonship of orphan heartedness, pride and independence before drawing the message to a close. David states in conclusion that Christians are called to be sons of God, and to imitate Christ by imitating spiritual fathers in service, love, honour and faithfulness. The challenge brought today is in the form of a question – “Where am I on my journey of sonship?”