Things to Walk In

John Alley speaks today on a number of subjects, each of which involves a value that needs to be in our lives so that we walk in those things today, right now. The first is that we need to live lives where we declare the truth in every situation and then proclaim what will happen. John emphasises that we must seek God in order to obtain His promises before turning to the need to be vitally involved in the work of Christ in the earth – our heavenly reward depends on it! We also need to be committed to tithing and to giving as well as being active in sharing our faith. John brings his message to a close by speaking of the lives of Levi and Simeon in the book of Genesis. Both brothers were under s curse, and yet Levi’s stand for the Lord at a later date turned the curse around so that Levi was blessed. Simeon, on the other hand, did not respond to the Lord in the same way and the outcome of his life was very mixed. John reminds the listener that when we take a stand for the Lord, He turns all things around for our good, to bless us.