Dear Friends, it is good to greet you again, we hope you and your families are well. We are going through a period of restructuring to make the ministry more effective. We are aware that one of our weaknesses has been communicating with our friends and partners what is happening in the ministry. This has been primarily a time issue, but also a planning and organizational matter. The Lord spoke to us at the beginning of the year and gave us specific words with regard to our focus for the year. One of these words was “The year of organization”.

We have taken this seriously and have been applying the word to all areas of the ministry (not a small task). It is our intention to now provide a regular newsletter which will have two primary focuses. The first is to inform you of what ministry is happening in the following month/s for the purpose of your prayers, and secondly to report on the work for your encouragement. The newsletter will gradually be developed, but to get started please find below the current news in this letter.

David Hood