Desires, Worn Knees, The Way Everlasting

Today the people of Peace heard three messages from three speakers:


Philip Alley speaks about the importance of enduring the temporary pain of self discipline or trials in order that we might achieve the ultimate goal of our desires. Christ, says Philip, is the perfect example of one who endured temporary pain and went on to eternal glory. Philip concludes his message with Isaiah 55 – the divine call to the thirsty to come and be satisfied.


This message by Corinne Maxwell inspires the listener to understand and seek generational blessing – the blessing of forebears who have fought spiritual battles so that their descendants do not have to. For those who have not had parents and grandparents who walked with God, Corinne encourages them to make a beginning so that their children and grandchildren may be blessed. Corinne emphasizes the need to spend time in prayer, quoting Spurgeon – “Anything is a blessing which causes us to pray”. What kind of spiritual blessing are we leaving?


In this message David Hood takes scripture from Psalms 16 and 139 and examines in detail the true meaning of the God-inspired words. When the psalmist asks God to search him, him is laying himself bare. It is not that God does not already know each of us in detail, but in asking Him to search our hearts we are really opening ourselves up to face the reality of who we are, with all of our failings. God has a path, says David, and He wants to lead us on that path. God is faithful, and he will do it if we will but discipline ourselves to seek Him and walk in His ways.

Sunday, 4th September, 2011

| Message ByDavid Hood