The Waste Of Human Effort

Beginning with the Scriptures taken from Colossian 1:15 – 23, David Alley takes the listener on a journey explaining the gospel, what it means to be saved, the gift of righteousness, and the futility of our own efforts.

David illustrates from Scripture that when we try to earn God’s approval, our very efforts make it impossible to please Him. Abraham was the fourth most mentioned man in the entire Bible, and yet we do not see recorded many great deeds that are attributed to him. However, we read in James 2:23 that Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.

This clear gospel message is a strong reminder that our own efforts can never “earn” for us the friendship that God longs to freely give. God has much to share with us, and the things that He wants in return is our hearts.

Sunday, 24th January, 2010

| Message ByDavid Alley