The Voice of Truth

This message by visiting speaker Franco Foti is alive with the word of God as he speaks about the various voices that compete for our attention within our own minds. These are the voice of truth (the Holy Spirit), the voices of the world and the devil, and our own soulish voices, all of which clamour for attention. We serve a kingdom God, says Franco, and we are a kingdom people. Therefore, we need to be about Kingdom business. By constantly overriding the voices, other than the voice of truth, we find that they become less and less persistent so that we are able more readily to walk in the truth and the ways that God has desired and designed for us. France coined the phrase, “Kingdom now”, which means doing what the Holy Spirit say, when He says it – no delay and no disobedience. This message in rich in insight and is a vital encouragement to the believer.

Sunday 20, November 2011

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