The Tithe – Law Or Grace

In this enlightening message, John Alley opens up the subject of the tithe and the grace that it becomes to those who properly understand the principle of tithing. Answering the opinion of many that the tithe is an Old Testament matter of law, John goes on to explain that grace.

As New Testament believers, says John, we do not follow the ceremonial law, but we find that the New Testament instructs us as to which parts of the law we are to let go of, such as laws relating to food, and which parts we are to hold onto. These include matters such as the honouring of parents.
John takes the listener to several New Testament Scriptures which reveal clearly that the tithe is for today; it is the act of submission, surrender and obedience by which we declare the Lordship of Christ.

Sunday, 21st February, 2010

| Message ByJohn Alley