David Alley begins his message with some information on the life and writings of St Augustine, author of the book “The City of God”. The city of God is not a physical place – no, the kingdom of God lives within the hearts of believers. Most people, if asked, will affirm that they are “good people”. However, the word of God teaches us that sin begins in the mind and heart. The only reason that many people do not act out of these sinful desires is a fear of the law and its consequences. But laws can only change external behaviours - they cannot change the heart of a man or woman. It is only when we allow Jesus full access to our hearts and fully submit to Him that He is able to change our hearts. St Paulinus, a contemporary of Augustine, stated that “There is nothing that can be taken from you if you have Jesus”. Clearly, we need our hearts and desires to be changed; but how do we go about this? David gives three suggestions to set the feet on the right path. These include asking God to show us the love of God and the change our hearts by the love; study of the Bible; and tithing. Each of these will help us in our endeavour to live God-focused lives.

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