The Seven Mountains

Michael Appleton begins this message by reminding the listeners about the 7 “mountains” of society. These include Family, Business, Government, Arts and Entertainment, Media, Religion and Education.

In each of these areas, Christians are meant to lead the way in Godliness. Indeed, we will gain influence in each of these areas as the Lord enables us, and opens the doors for us. The attitude and spirit of sonship, says Michael, are important in the workplace and in any place that we are. Michael spoke of the Draft National Curriculum for schools, which is currently determining whether schools should be allowed to teach creation in Science. In this instance each and every school is required to stand up and speak strongly for themselves and their position on the matter of creation.

Our love for God fills our hearts and our homes, and our entire life is changed when we walk in that love. Education takes place in real life, beginning in our homes. This message will inspire the listener to believe that in God’s power and grace we are able to influence each and all of the “mountains” before us.

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