The Power to Minister

John Alley once again reminds the listener of the numerous prophecies that have come, each one with the common thread of the need to be ready and prepared for the huge thing that God is about to do in the body of Christ. John then examines 2 passages of Scripture from the gospel of Luke, both of them quotes from the book of Isaiah.

John exhorts the listener to examine their own heart and life to determine what are the valleys, hills, crooked places and rough places that need to be filled, brought down, made straight and smooth (Luke 3:4-6), and then to seek the Lord to place upon each heart the fulfillment of Luke 4:18-19 (The Spirit of the Lord is upon me………..)

If believers will attend to these matters, it will place us in good stead to be ready and prepared for whatever God calls us to do.

Sunday 5th February

| Message ByJohn Alley