The Power of Baptism Book

Back in 2002 John Alley wrote the book title The Grace and Power of Christ in Baptism. This booklet of just 36 pages has for many years instructed new converts and also teachers and preachers in the depths of Baptism. The book is an invaluable tool and at Peace Christian Church, every person who is approaching baptism is given the book to read. It is a solid grounding on the graces and the proper understanding of what comes through the proper use of this important sacrament instructed by Christ. Jesus himself was baptised and that is a mystery in itself. This book goes into that and many other related thoughts and ideas. It will bring power to you and your people.
Now on Kindle and eBook
John's books has now been renamed to "The Power of Baptism" and is available on in kindle format. It is also available as a free download on our book downloads page at this link in both kindle and ebook formats. If you don't have a kindle you can use the kindle cloud reader provided by amazon. There are also a number of free kindle apps on various devices.