Following several testimonies from the previous week’s Apostolic Summit, John Alley sets out to give a summary or overview of the messages recently brought on “The Pillars of Wealth”. First listing the 5 pillars covered in these messages, John then expands each one to enlarge and enrich the understanding of the listener. These pillars include understanding God’s way; Godliness with contentment is great gain; being true to our first love as shown by the things we seek and spend time on; the “so that” principle and the nature of true wealth. Using Scripture as a foundation for his teaching, John consolidates an great understanding of the heart attitudes that are needed in the one who would handle wealth for God. John reveals that his sense of urgency in summarising these messages into one is that God has shown him that from this time forward, God will judge His people, in love, on the basis of these principles. The kingdom of God, says John, is worthy of all we have – as exemplified in the lives of Count Zinzendorf and St Francis of Assisi, whose stories John briefly discusses.

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