David Alley takes up the thread of the series focussing on righteousness in this third part. Righteousness, says David, is a gift to us at the time of salvation, however there then begins the journey of sanctification, or becoming righteous. And a large part of this process has to do with self control – that decision not to give in to every whim of personal wants, choosing to follow instead the path of righteousness set out for us by our Saviour. How is it possible to learn self control? David refers to many Scripture verses as he draws the listener to the conclusion that we do not attain self control by our own attempts, trying hard to do what is right. Rather, the attainment of self control comes from God in the form of one of the fruits of the Spirit. We all, says David, have things in our hearts that the enemy can use to tempt us – therefore we need to change what is in our hearts. David concludes his message by reflecting that just as righteousness is a gift from God, so too is self control.

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