David Alley provides an introductory message with an emphasis on paying attention to detail. In grammar we speak of a sentence having a subject, an object and a verb. When it comes to spiritual things, so often Christians see themselves as the subject – when in fact God is always the subject. It is not all about us. David Hood then takes up the theme. David teaches that when we try to make ourselves the subject, trying to find a method of carrying out God’s work, it leaves us in a place of confusion. We need, says David, to put ourselves in the place of yielding control to God, then praying, trusting and obeying His leading. David speaks of the differences between children, young men and fathers as discussed in the Scriptures. We are meant to be living stones according to 1 Peter 2:4-5. One brick alone can’t achieve much but when we have a whole lot of bricks something significant can be built. Our heavenly Father wants us to grow up into Christlikeness – every one of us should be on the move, changing to become more like Christ. David provides many Scripture verses which tell us of the desire of Christ to take hold of us and provide us with ways to overcome. If we submit to God, He changes us and we move on in His power. In closing, David exhorts the listener to be prayerful, giving, humble, active and loving.

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