The Modern Faith Hall of Fame

In Hebrews chapter 11, we see a list of Heroes of the Faith, like Abraham, David, Deborah and many more.  These men and women fixed their eyes on God and refused to be moved from what they knew God was doing with them.  

Some by faith escaped the edge of the sword, as mentioned in verse 34, but others were put to death by the sword, as in verse 37.  This shows that the people mentioned in this faith “Hall of Fame” were those who trusted that God’s will for their lives was best.  So we see Daniel’s faith when he wasn’t eaten by lions, but also the faith of the early believers who were thrown to the lions and eaten.  Both are inspiring to us.

So here in this video, find a modern faith “hall of fame” of heroes who trusted God with their lives in the same way.  Some of these like Brother Andrew escaped the clutches of the communist regimes of Eastern Europe, but others like the 21 Coptic Martyrs laid down their lives for Christ and went to their reward.  

May this quick 2 minutes video inspire you to be a person of trust in God, so that regardless of His will for your life, whether good, or bad, you will serve Him with a whole heart.  Let there be no grumbling but rather praising because God is at work in you for His much bigger purpose, and our lives will be joined in praise with those in this video and together we will bring Him much glory.