The Massive Momentum of the Gospel in Uganda


Uganda is a nation with a very high percentage of Christians, which is surprising given that just 40 years ago, it was in the grip of Idi Amin, a muslim dictator and the church was suffering. Bishops, such as Festo Kivengere had to escape through the mountains as church leaders were being executed and killed.

In the documentary Transformations II by George Otis Jnr, he describes how Christians would hide in the forests to meet and pray for their nation. It was a time of suffering and purging for the Church.

On a personal trip to Uganda I was told by a local pastor that they “trusted God because only He was able to solve our problems.” Profound insight!

AIDS has also been a huge issue in Sub-Saharan Africa, and yet in Uganda where it was once the worst issue of all, has steadily declined as a result of prayer and wise governmental decisions.
Prayer has changed this nation, and continues to change it. Uganda is a nation currently undergoing huge transformation for the gospel. Sometimes these processes take significant time, but we are seeing something glacier-like. It’s huge, slow moving and yet unstoppable, just like the kingdom of God.

With now something like 90% of people in Uganda considering themselves Christian, and a very high percentage of people attending church, this nation is being raised up by Christ. Foreign investment is growing, many politicians are confessing Christ. Events like the year 2000 dedication of the nation to Christ by the president are unusual in today’s world. And in 2010 they rededicated the nation again.

Let us follow the example of the Ugandan believers, and find fresh grace in prayer. Our problems here are things like disunity of believers, nominalism, and the comfort of life. Let us take on these challenges in prayer. Pray for the Church to think as one, act as one, and to serve one another. Pray that Christians of different denominations would love each other and see Christ in each other. Let us conquer these problems, that our nation will live.

Peace Apostolic Ministries is currently ministering in Uganda this week, meeting and sharing with Pastors and Church leaders and conducting public ministry for pastors and congregations. Please keep us in your prayers.

Image is of Kampala, Uganda. Taken from Wikipedia, by Wulman83, Used with Permission CC By-S.A. 4.0

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