Everyone prefers to read and write in their own language. We know this is true, and we love and support the great effort that many thousands of people make in Bible translations. However there is a great important work needed in translating John's books, and the apostolic message, into some key European languages.

Even though the world is linguistically diverse, there are a number of key languages which are able to enable the spread of the apostolic message via the internet. This map of Africa from the late 1800's shows the colonial influence at that time. Today there is a significant percentage of people living in these regions who can access the internet, and who are bi-lingual. They can often speak their native language, and the colonial language that influenced their region.

This is no more powerfully illustrated than through the many friendly contacts we have received from Africa. The majority of these have all come from areas where Great Britain was the dominant colonial power. So English reaches them. However we have the great need now to see our materials translated into these other European languages. Not only is this of benefit for anyone in Europe who is interested, but most importantly, for the fast growing church in Africa, Asia and South America who uses these languages as their alternate form of communication.

There are several regions which we are praying will open up to us, and most notably South America and North Africa. The two major languages of influence here are Spanish and French. Please join us in prayer that the doorway will open for the apostolic message. Pray that we will find the right translator for the materials and God will bring the right relationships into place for the future of this apostolic work.

In addition to the important European languages, there are a number of other languages which would also be greatly beneficial for translating our resources into. These include Asian languages (Hindi, Urdu, Chinese etc) and African languages as well as Arabic and Persian.

Do you know a translator, or can you translate? It doesn't matter what language, it all helps. Get in touch with davidalley@peace.org.au