The Image of God

'Modern' biology will tell you that mankind are animals. Chemistry will tell you that we are combinations of chemicals and molecules. We are neither, and it is the belief that humans are simply animals that allows people to belittle each other and think themselves better and worth more than those around them.

God has made you in his own image, and more than that, he has made each person on Earth in his own image. Something of God is reflected in you, and in every person around you. Every person is worthy of consideration because they have been created by God in his own image. On top of this, when God says "Let us make mankind in our own image" he is not just referring to himself, but to the Trinity, who work together in perfect community. When we live in community with one another, we reflect something greater of who God is.

Consider these three points this week.
A) You are made in God's Image
B) Others are made in God's Image
C) We are made in Gods image

As you go about your week, look at the people that you pass in the shops, your workmates, the people who serve you food at McDonald's. Each of these people is made in the Image of God, and was died for by Christ. As you do this, ask God to help you to see others as he sees them, and love them as he loves them.

| Message ByDavid Alley