Our lives every day are filled with the ordinary tasks that are necessary to the lives we lead, and sometimes we can tend to think of this mundane work as unimportant. And yet, says John Alley, God had designed that our lives should be just so, in order that we have time to ourselves to think and contemplate the greater meaning of our lives and of God’s truth. John goes on to show, from many Scripture references, that the ordinary things we do in the ordinary course of life achieve for us an eternal weight of glory. In the many Scripture verses read during this message, it is abundantly clear that God takes a very high view of the work of the hands of every person who calls on His name. John concludes this message of encouragement to work diligently at whatever our hands find to do with a sober word of caution. While it is true that ordinary work is full of the glory of God, it is also true that ordinary sin, pride and self are completely Godless, hate-filled and dark. John reminds us that we must deal with self, taking git to the cross and living from a heart of love for our Lord.

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