As an introduction to his message, John Alley takes some time for testimonies from the congregation of healings and answered prayer, thus building an atmosphere of faith and expectation within the meeting. John follows up with prayer for the sick and then goes on to speak of spiritual truth, which is not discerned by the natural mind but with spiritual insight. Spiritual truth, says John, is not rationally understood, although it is certainly not irrational. Rather, a capacity for spiritual understanding is required. In Psalm 89, the moon is described as “the faithful witness in the sky”. It is always there, constant and reliable in all of its phases. John then speaks of Jesus, whom the Bible describes as “the faithful witness”. Antipas, an early Christian martyr is also described as a faithful witness. John’s challenge in closing is to consider our own lives. Are we faithful witnesses to the gospel? Do we stand ready to speak a word when the opportunity arises, and to pray for those who do not believe? Am I faithfully emulating Jesus’ way of life? These questions leave the listener with much to consider.

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