The Excellence of the Lamb

On this Palm Sunday John Alley meditates on the many very significant and interconnected events that happened in the days leading up to the triumphal entry, or Palm Sunday. John draws parallels between the Old Testament selection by the High Priest of a spotless lamb from Bethlehem and the arrival of Jesus, the lamb of God – born in Bethlehem and without fault.
John speaks also of the significance of the resurrection of Lazarus on the fourth day after his death and what it meant to the Jewish people, who believed that the spirit of a man left the body on the third day. Moving on to the Passover meal and then to the garden of Gethsemane, John brings new light to this oft-visited subject matter. John concludes his message by exhorting the listener to follow the example of Jesus in the Garden and to pray through to victory. If we sleep through instead of praying through, says John, Jesus does not condemn us but we miss the victory that might have been ours.

| Message ByJohn Alley