16 Feb 2014

The Coming Of The Light

Series: No Longer in the Dark – a Victorious Eschatology | Historically, in the Church there has been 3 ways of interpreting Scripture regarding last days events, says John Alley as he commences this message. Describing the different attributes of the Pre-millennium, Post millennium and Amillennium opinions, John states that since the future is still in the future, no one knows how events will unfold. It is fine, says John, to lean towards one theory or another, but we must not become so rigid in our opinions that we deny truth. John goes on the explain a fourth view that held popular sway in America for some time, Dispensationalism. This teaches, amongst other things, that Israel will be reestablished, the Temple rebuilt and the Levitical priesthood restored. This is an affront to the blood of Christ and an offence to the cross, says John. Jesus did a complete work on the cross, and to suggest that the old system of sacrifices that His death and resurrection did away with must be restored is foolishness. John explores Matthew 24 in part, promising to return to the subject on future Sundays.