John Alley commences his message with a reading from 1 Corinthians 20-26, which speaks of Christ as the firstfruits of all who have “fallen asleep’, or died. This passage states that death is the last enemy to be destroyed, which implies that there are other enemies that will be destroyed first. The passage also speaks of Jesus destroying all dominion, authority and power. John goes on to speak of the rule, authority and dominion created by Jesus - but corrupted since the fall of angels and of man. God is waiting, says John, to give man a chance to choose to yield to God and his Kingdom. And yet, alongside the visible kingdom of man there is an eternal Kingdom of God that is at the same time visible and invisible. John then teaches on several scriptures to do with the judgements of Christ, and to exhort the listener that we must get our hearts right – if we choose the earthly kingdom of man, that leads in the end to death. John says, “We must never take our eyes off Jesus, and we must never take our hearts off the pursuit of Christ”.

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