The last several years, the apostolic message has opened up amazingly in Canada. There is something about the hunger and the yearning of the Canadian believers that causes them to embrace what the Lord is doing at this time. It is reminiscent of the Macedonian Call in the book of Acts. Pastor's and leaders are hungry for a move of God and are continuously asking for us to keep on coming back to Canada.

All nations and all people need the Gospel, and at its heart, the apostolic message IS the gospel as it was understood by the church in the book of Acts. However not all nations and people are open to what the Lord is doing. In Canada there is great openness.

Next Week John Alley, with Philip Alley and Jonathan Maxwell leave for Prince Albert in Saskatchewan, to minister for 6 days mainly to pastors and leaders. The Lord is causing the messages of Sonship and Community to be meaningful and He is moving by His Spirit there.

After this, they will head to Calgary in Alberta for another 6 days of ministry, also mainly to pastors and leaders. Your prayers will be invaluable.

The Canadian Call