John Alley begins this message with a reading from 2 Timothy 2:19, which speaks of Gods sold foundation and of the fact that God knows those who are His. God knows each of us, says John, even before we are born – and He knows what our response to His call will be, even before we hear that call. John goes on to describe the ways in which some Bible characters received their call, and their response to it. These include some who were set apart from birth, such as Samuel, Samson and John the Baptist, as well as those whose call is sudden and dramatic like Moses and Jeremiah. Using Scripture verses throughout the message to illustrate his meaning, John then goes on to describe the dramatic conversion of Saul and the call of the disciple Ananias, who in the face of great fear and trepidation obeyed God. Throughout this message, John speaks of the differing responses of each person and challenges the listener to be willing, yielded and pliable in God’s hand.

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