In the past, the main covering over the church was a denominational covering. Pastors operated under the authority and grace given to the denomination, and there was a measure of spiritual protection that that church operated under provided by the denomination. However, that is no longer adequate. Apostolic covering is the key. Christ appoints Apostles with grace and authority to give covering and shelter for every other member of the 5 fold ministry. This acts as a shelter under which a community can gather; it gives permission and protection to the pastors, prophets, teachers and evangelists to work out the calling of God. Under this spiritual covering there may be many layers of covering. There may be an Apostle providing shelter for a citywide church council of individual congregations leaders, who then provide covering for their own church communities, leaders who are upright in the community and committed to meeting and praying with and loving each other. Through spiritual covering, prayer, spiritual warfare and love flows as though through a pipeline connecting each person to the next. Imagine this extrapolated over whole cities under a group of leaders, or over entire nations! Apostolic covering is people operating under grace and in community, rather than working in a hierarchal structure in which they have to 'climb the ladder.'

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