The Advance of the Gospel Through History

The years prior to the Reformation have often been portrayed as a downward spiral for Western Culture. ‘The Dark Ages’ they are called, where the Barbarians destroyed countless libraries of the Greeks and Romans. But The so- called ‘Dark Ages’ were a time of evangelism technological development brought about by the Church. The Invention of spectacles, water mills, Hospitals and schools have come directly from educated monks, who not only copied by hand numbers of Scriptures, but also the literature of Greek and Roman Philosophers, preserving books that would not have existed today without them. Wherever Christ has been taken in the world, societies have improved culturally, economically and technologically.

The Dark Ages are only ‘dark’ from the point of view of those who believe that development can only come from literature. The kingdom of God has been spreading since the resurrection of Christ, and as it keeps growing, it changes hearts, lives, and entire cultures.

| Message ByJohn Alley