The 10 Commandments Pt 4

Today Philip Alley brings to a conclusion his series on the Ten Commandments, examining Commandments 8, 9 and 10. Philip brings to life the Commandments, drawing out the relevance of each of them. “you shall not steal” – Philip proves with many examples from everyday life that our society is filled with theft. Not only is this so, but there are many types of theft – including stealing time that should be spent in the interests of our employer. The next Commandment instructs us not to give false testimony against a neighbour. Philip shows that anything said with the intention to deceive or manipulate is false testimony. These include gossip, flattery, deceptive speech and slander. The final Commandment – not to covet – is a symptom, says Philip, of our dissatisfaction with what God has gifted us with. We desire what someone else has, thus coveting. The cure for this, says Philip, is true contentment – wanting not what we desire but what God desires for us.

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