The 10 Commandments Pt 3

Philip Alley continues his series of messages about the Ten Commandments with this overview of the fifth, sixth and seventh Commandments. The first four Commandments, says Philip, deal with our attitude towards God, while the remaining six deal with our attitudes and actions towards each other. The fifth Commandment deals specifically with our attitude to parents, and Philip gives many Scripture references to reinforce this. Next, Commandment six instructs that we must not murder. Philip takes the listener to the passage in Scripture where Jesus states that to hate is the same as to murder. Then, similarly, Philip demonstrates that the seventh Commandment, “Do not commit adultery”, begins in the heart, with even the thought being sin. Philip brings many convincing verses of Scripture to graphically illustrate the truth and the intention of the Ten Commandments.

| Message ByPhilip Alley