William NDawula Testimony of Apostolic School

I thank God for this opportunity to give my testimony of what God has done in my life personally and my marriage through Peace Apostolic Ministries. John Alley’s book The Apostolic Revelation was first introduced to us as church leaders by a pastor friend of ours from Kenya, he recommended the book as a must read by all church leaders given the deeper revelations God had given the author about what the He is doing in the church today. When I perused through the book I found it indeed so revealing of God’s mysteries of the day. The book had the web address of Peace Apostolic Ministries so immediately I contacted their site and found so much more. I downloaded almost all the messages and started listening to them, some times we listen as a couple, and these messages are life changing. I also wrote to them inquiring whether John had any plans of coming to Africa, fortunately I was told that two of his spiritual sons were due to hold a meeting in the suburbs of Kampala (the capital city of Uganda). That was Lloyd Gill and Philip Alley.

I informed my Pastor about the arrangement. He was excited about the meeting because he had also read the book. We managed to meet the two brothers as the leadership team at the hotel where they used to stay while they were in Uganda. They shared with us so much about Father and Son relationship and that was the beginning of major changes in my live. I had never related with my pastor as a son I used to view him as any other leader around town but when those two brothers shared with us their testimonies I was so amazed and ashamed at the same time because I had not walked with Simon like a son does.

Our church was also going through very serious shake ups and it was all because we never honoured our pastor as a father. Lloyd made it clear to us that as believes in the church the pastor was our spiritual father, some of us actually thought that our spiritual fathers were outside the church so you can imagine the confusion!

Since then I have learned to serve Simon whole heartedly as a son and I have seen the blessing of the Lord, many members of the church left, four of which were part of the leadership team. I thank God I stayed because I had now known my role as a son lest I too would have left. I also accepted Simon to speak into our marriage as a father, we now listen to him and take his guidance and this has helped us overcome many challenges and get more established as man and wife.

The recent Asian Apostolic School that I attended in Jakarta was so enriching. I got answers to one of the major question that has puzzled my mind since I got born again sixteen years ago, that is: How can the church today get so united to become like the early church we read about
in Acts 4:32-35? “Same heart and same mind”.

John and David explained to us how this has worked in their church and for the first time in my Christian walk I have come to believe that it is possible for the church today to live together. We are now praying and believing God for the spirit of understanding to realise this grace of community living in Uganda and the world at large.

William Ndawula
Kampala, Uganda
East Africa.

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